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SureFlow self-consolidating ready-mixed concrete is designed differently for three job types – architectural, vertical, and horizontal. Now you can plan more confidently, better utilize your crew and equipment and bring the job in on time without sacrificing finish or overall quality.
  • Reduced labor/equipment costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Fills all voids
  • High early strengths with flowability
  • Increased design/production flexibility
  • Superior finish and appearance
  • Complete consolidation
  • Reduced segregation
  • Eliminates need for vibration
  • Neutral set characteristics

Architects choose SureFlow

SureFlow increases design flexibility and improves the esthetic appearance of exposed concrete. Complete consolidation is assured even in thin walled, highly reinforced units. 

Fact: Unique designs inconcrete using SureFlow are now possible and practical.

Contractors choose SureFlow

Labor and equipment costs are reduced and productivity is increased. SureFlow allows faster and easier concrete placement without vibration. In vertical applications, production flexibility is increased by enabling the use of form geometry and form orientations in which concrete would be difficult or impossible to place using conventional concrete mixes. 
SureFlow can pass freely through narrow openings and in congested reinforcement that would normally stop the flow of concrete. 

Vibration can be eliminated because SureFlow is highly flowable and will change shape under its own weight to self consolidate within formwork. 

In flatwork, SureFlow exhibits a high level of workability without segregation. The result is a high slump, flowing concrete and again, vibration can be eliminated. 
SureFlow finishes easily without tearing or spotty set characteristics, reducing or even eliminating the need for surface touch ups. 
SureFlow provides a superior combination of long slump life with near neutral set time.

Fact: SureFlow reduces overall in-place costs, shortens construction time and improves the finished appearance of the job.

Engineers choose SureFlow

SureFlow assures 100% contact between concrete and steel reinforcement. Proper water/cement ratios are more easily maintained since there is no need to add water to increase flowability. 
The results are higher early strengths obtained without sacrificing workability. SureFlow is flowable yet highly cohesive and will not segregate. Bleeding is significantly reduced. SureFlow is compatible with all ConcreteSolution products, including air entraining agents.​​

Fact: SureFlow represents a giant leap forward in concrete construction capability.

Customers choose SureFlow

You can assure your customer that the job will meet the highest standards of finish and appearance. SureFlow Architectural is surface rated up to the ASCC* Standard P1. The achievement of complete consolidation throughout concrete elements, even in highly reinforced sections inhibits corrosion and guarantees greater strength and durability.

Fact: SureFlow is easier, faster and safer to use than conventional concrete and these benefits are passed on to your customer.

*American Society of Concrete Contractors