Product Detail


​​​Make your investment la​​st with Re-Pel.

Re-Pel high strength ready-mixed concrete resists the rigors of constant freeze-thaw cycles; the chemical reaction of fertilizers, salt, solvents, fatty acids and animal urine and reduces the potential for scaling. In summary, Re-Pel high strength concrete outlasts regular concrete and requires less maintenance.

Create a healthier environment for livestock

​Concrete surfaces made with Re-Pel are less permeable and therefore easier to clean. Re-Pel surfaces resist bacterial absorption to help control disease and parasites. Re-Pel surfaces also reduce​​​ dusting.

Containment is more than a concrete box​

The potential for environmental pollution has been greatly reduced since the i​​ntroduction of containment for fuels, chemicals and solvents, but not without a significant cost. Properly designed containment systems, constructed with Re-Pel high strength ready-mixed concrete are more durable, resist the effects of chemicals and the wear and tear of traffic and machinery. The result is a longer service life with reduced maintenance.

Food and Re-Pel work well together

Wherever food comes in contact with floors and walls there is the poten​​tial for bacterial growth and contamination. To combat that potential, the food industry uses harsh chemicals and detergents which destroy the bacteria but that also attack the surfaces on which they exist. Re-Pel high strength concrete surfaces accept a very smooth finish for better clean-up; they provide improved resistance to chemicals; and are less permeable to help control bacteria.