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​Face that Cold Weather Residential Pour

JumpStart ready-mixed concrete is specifically designed for use in low-rise residential projects during weather where ambient temperatures drop below 50°F or to accelerate your schedule in normal ambient conditions. JumpStart is formulated to provide faster set acceleration and increased early strength development. ​

JumpStart is designed to help you plan more confidently, better utilize your crew and equipment and bring the job in on time – even in winter conditions. 

Calcium chloride, as well as other chemicals, may be included to enhance early setting characteristics of the concrete providing shorter setting time and higher early strengths. Properly protected, JumpStart concrete allows for earlier form removal. 

Save Money with Earlier Finishing and Form Removal

Ambient temperatures often fluctuate dramatically during the spring and fall. JumpStart will get you working much faster than when using regular concrete. That could mean saving you hours of downtime during weather when the temperature is hovering around or below the freezing mark. 

Although specifically designed for cold weather, JumpStart is not an antifreeze. It will, however, reduce the time during which concrete must be protected from freezing. 

JumpStart is recommended for use in all cool weather residential low-rise concrete applications. 

The Right Concrete for the Wrong Conditions​

JumpStart ready-mixed concrete is designed in different strengths for different temperatures and different normal setting times. The colder the temperature, the greater the strength of JumpStart. Now you can plan more confidently, better utilize your crew and equipment, and bring the job in on time. 


  • Reduced labor costs 
  • Reduced equipment costs 
  • Reduced scheduling costs 
  • Improved finishability 
  • Earlier form removal 
  • Saves time and money ​

JumpStart Performance​