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When it gets cold, get ready with Get-Set.

Get-Set from Prairie is the industry equalizer in the war against cold weather delays. Different formulationsallow Get-Set ready-mixed concrete to achieve quicker, more predictable set times even in the dead of winter. With Get-Set you can achieve excellent surfaceappearance and improved finishing characteristics while you speed-up set time by up to 35%. This can often mean the difference between waiting an entire season and finishing a project ahead of schedule.

Cold Weather is Tough

Cold weather concrete construction can be a headache for even the most experienced contractor. Scheduling a pour and putting on an expensive crew and equipment only to have extremely cold temperatures arrive is an uncontrollable act of nature.

But having a bright and sunny morning with the temperature hovering around the freezing point can be an even greater challenge. Ambient temperatures often fluctuate dramatically. Set time for normal concrete with ambient temperatures between 20°F and 45°F can vary substantially and it could take more than 16 hours to get your finishers working.

Minimize Costs

Get-Set speeds up concrete set times by as much as 35% and permits placement at temperatures as low as 20°F. A little extra now can save a lot of headaches later, such as:

  • Extra labor costs
  • Overtime labor costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Heating, insulating and protection costs
  • Rescheduling costs