Product Detail


​​Eliminate the need for compaction with flowable and pumpable fill.

​​If you’ve been thinking flowable fill, FlowFill will smooth the way. Compacting soil backfill or filling hard-to-reach locations is tough work. FlowFill eliminates the need for compaction, easily reaches hard to access areas, reduces in-place costs, fills holes in the ground quickly and virtually eliminates call back hassles because of soil settlement.

Cheaper Tha​​n Dirt 

Unlike compacted fill, FlowFill requires no placing in lifts, tamping or compacting. Just back the Prairie truck up to the site and pour. FlowFill may be poured continuously or in several lifts. 

Proper Soil Compaction is Amoney Pit ​

Returning to fix those ruts is a real sump hole for profits and customer relationships. FlowFill will not settle over time. It’s stronger than soil and able to support pavement and other structures. FlowFill also eliminates the need for compacting equipment and labour. 

Safety is a Top Priority ​​

Abandoned underground structures or unstable soil conditions can be risky and sending a crew in to compact can be downright dangerous. FlowFill is the answer .

Pumping is​​ Your Solution ​

For those really difficult areas to reach and compact, FlowFill can be made pumpable. 

Can You Dig It​​​​

The answer is yes. FlowFill is formulated to stay within maximum excavatable strength limits. It can be designed to reach strengths of 50 psi to 800 psi making it easy to dig out, even years later. 

Let Us Show You The Savings ​

Prairie can take your job and show you the math on saving big on fill and labor. The numbers don’t lie when you compare traditional trench and compact backfill to FlowFill backfill installations. ​​