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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Better, smoother surface ​with EasyFlow

EasyFlow ready-mixed concrete dramatically improves workability and finish for all your concrete needs. EasyFlow is less sticky and fl​​ows more readily to provide greater all-round productivity.​ Excess water can cause segregation in the mix and deterioration of the surface as well as reduced concrete strength.​

Prairie’s EasyFlow ready-mixed concrete saves you time placing, screeding and finishing flatwork resulting in a better, smoother surface without adding water. Finishers will immediately notice the improved troweling characteristics. Easier, faster floating and troweling, by hand or by machine, results in a smooth, close-tolerance surface with less machine time and less labor. The result is the highest quality concrete surface in the shortest time.​

Start finishing sooner with EasyFlow.

Because you can maintain your required slump with less bleed water, you can start finishing sooner with EasyFlow and even with low w/c ratios, workability is maintained.​

Structurally improved concrete.

Improved dispersion characteristics and more complete hydration increases the compressive and flexural strength of EasyFlow concrete at all ages.

EasyFlow can help you schedule.​

  • Since it has consistent set times, it will demonstrate the same great performance pour after pour.
  • Saving time on every job equals saving money. EasyFlow arrives ready to go, straight from the ready-mix plant.
  • More predictable scheduling equals saving money.
  • EasyFlow is compatible with other ConcreteSolution products, and eases pumping and placement to also save money.
  • A smoother more durable finish resulting in fewer complaints, equals saving money.

Saving money equals greater profits!


30% Increased Productivity with EasyFlow (based on five, 8-hr days)​