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​DelaySet Beats the Heat 

​​​Don’t rush your pours and spoil your concrete because of high temperatures. Prairie’s DelaySet ready-mixed concrete maintains workability for placing without extra water in the mix, then sets up normally so your crews have the time to put on a great finish.

Prairie’s DelaySet ready-mixed concrete maintains workability for placing without extra water in the mix, then sets up normally so your crews have the time to put on a great finish. 

For Temperatures Above 77˚F​​ 

Pouring ordinary concrete is no picnic. Slump loss makes the mix harder to handle, the faster set leaves less time for finishing and surface evaporation makes troweling difficult. To top it all off, the final result can be disappointing: porous, less durable concrete or even surface blemishes and cracking. With Prairie’s DelaySet those hot weather headaches are history. 

Don’t be tempted to put extra water in your mix to maintain slump. It might keep you pumping, but it comes at a price. You get lower quality concrete: lower compressive strength, faster wear and less watertightness. So think again: Prairie’s DelaySet preserves slump and retards set without extra water.

Prairie’s DelaySet: three hot advantages​​


  • Easier Pumping and Finishing 
  • Fewer Cold Joints 
  • Less Slump Loss 
  • Less Water for Long Pours ​

Time Equal​s Money 

  • Stay on Schedule Despite the Heat 
  • Normal Placing Saves Labor 
  • Normal Finishing Saves Labor 
  • Fewer Quality Issues and Repairs 


  • Better Appearance 
  • Better Durability 
  • Normal or Improved Strengths 

Once It’s Set, Keep It Wet: Helpful Hot Weather Tips! ​​

When the mercury climbs over 77°F – it’s time for Prairie’s DelaySet. 

  • For best results dampen the subgrade and wood forms, so they won’t take moisture from the concrete. 
  • Be prepared. Have everything in place for finishing operations and finish promptly. 
  • Start curing procedures immediately using poly or curing membrane. 
  • Best curing practice includes keeping new concrete moist for up to seven days. 
  • If it’s windy, set up wind breaks. 

Stay Cool, Stay Profitable ​​

Prairie’s DelaySet ready-mixed concrete takes the hassle out of summer concrete. No additional crew to handle stiff mixes or extra equipment to combat accelerated set. No more multiple pours with too many cold joints.